Buy Germany

Our regional Matrix (see below) is OW Europe, as its EU sentiment grade is bullish at +28% (while US or Japan have very negative sentiment grades), its valuation less expensive than US, and its contrarian trend showing…

Buy wti Oil (and stopped)

At the gath­er­ing in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Ara­bia, Rus­sia and other oil-pro­duc­ing na­tions are set to de­bate out­put cuts for next year of as much as 1 mil­lion bar­rels a day, ac­cord­ing to OPEC of­fi­cials. Oil…

short ESZ8

Since our purchase last week, the S&P500 has rebounded by 150 points. Following our pattern (2016 and feb2018), the upside should be limited: we sell half here and another half at 2850.

Short Defensives

We are shorting defensives and the SMI is the proxy for defensives 1- Short SMI for 8600 2- Short XLU for 51 3- short XLP for 53.8

close our 2nd short on S&P500

After having closed our first short on the S&P500 last week at 2715, we close our second leg as the S&P500 has reached a strong support at 2600. 2600 corresponds more or less exactly to Jan-Feb…

we close totally our short hedge in EEM

38-39 represents a major support level for EEM (2oo days moving average of weekly prices) and we want to take profit on our hedge at this level

major buying level

The S&P500 has nearly reproduced identically the sell-off of February 2018, with a first down leg at 2715, a rebound at 2825 and the second down leg at 2650 (the exact miror will be a low…

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