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Letter 35 – October 28th : Trader Politicus – US election is a new theme influencing our Quantamental stock selection

Up to the Brexit, economics have been made by a centrist coalition that was in favor of globalization. Since Trump’s election, It is all about more polarization. That, along with the administration’s unconventional operating style, has put politics even more than before right in the center of investment strategies. Our new trades and quantamental stocks’ lists are chosen to eventually benefit from this political aspect.

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Letter 34 – October 13th: First year anniversary of our trades

Since we published our trades in 2018, the market has been in an unstable equilibrium, as the macro factors in control of the market have been all over the place – just like walking on a slack line. The good outcome for us is that it has produced a lot of good trades and specifically mean-reverting ones. Right now, this unstable equilibrium is a trade-off between bad economic data and a constructive monetary policy response. Both factors have held things together. From macro to micro, sectors & stocks’ factors trade with a strong relationship with each other, offering even more attractive relative trades.

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