take profit on short GT

Tonight is a make or break moment. Will Powell maintains its independence, rise rates, and call for more rate hikes in 2019 to fight inflation, that will be BAD !!! (2) hike and says he will…

close long put VIX 22 Nov21

We closed our long VIX futures (and bought back our short on ESZ8) on Thursday anticipating a rebound of the US with a falling volatility. That has played well and our plan was to close that…

close short on PANW

From a conference in geneva on AI and cybersecurity, keeping a short on panw after such a sell-off is not such a good risk reward. We take our profit here. 

Close UXX8 (Nov18 future on VIX)

We are now long put VIX naked Proba of hard brexit is 20% not 50%. We will re-buy vol tomorrow afternoon

Buy wti Oil (and stopped)

At the gath­er­ing in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Ara­bia, Rus­sia and other oil-pro­duc­ing na­tions are set to de­bate out­put cuts for next year of as much as 1 mil­lion bar­rels a day, ac­cord­ing to OPEC of­fi­cials. Oil…

Short Repsol

This trade goes against our recent contrarian long in crude oil. Repsol earnings momentum has decelerated, while the share price has outperformed its peers and the market. Its valuation is not cheap anymore. We add the…

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